Crane Work


Our crane at work

Having a crane in our fleet makes many tree removal (and some trimming) projects a much cleaner operation. When we can use this piece of equipment, it is amazing how little the surrounding area is disrupted. This concept can be difficult to grasp, but when we are able to be lift heavy limbs and wood up and out of an area, it is much easier on the landscape than if we have to lower and then carry or drag them out through plants, gates, decks etc. This also can make these jobs safer for the workers as there is less lifting involved. It is truly incredible to be able to remove an entire dead hazardous tree, growing through a deck, leaving only sawdust as evidence that we were there. This may sound like a more expensive project but most times the use of our equipment will make up for itself in increased efficiency.

Crane Rental

We also offer our crane for daily rental. We provide crane rental in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Country as well as the surrounding area.  To inquiry on availability and costs, please contact us today by phone at 734-662-8245 or through our e-mail contact page