Lawn Care

Arbor Valley Lawn Service began providing lawn maintenance services in the Ann Arbor area in 1981 and we continue to provide these services today. Our experienced mowing crews can provide weekly lawn mowing and lawn trimming lawn too. We are available for season agreements as well as vacation mowing. Other services provided by our lawn crews include spring and fall cleanup. Fall cleanup includes gathering your leaves and either putting them in a compost pile or to be hauled away. Spring cleanup includes picking up and removal of any debris left over from the winter so we can effectively care for your lawn.

Arbor Valley Lawn Service recommends weekly mowing. This reduces the amount of excess grass clippings and allows them to be mulched and break down more effectively. Of course, the health of your lawn depends on the regularity of rainfall. Sometimes your lawn will grow faster and needs more attention. Other times, when rain is scarce, it needs less. We adjust our schedule to provide your lawn with the timely care it needs.

If you are interested in our lawn care services, please contact us via our online request form or by calling us at 734-662-8245. We can also be reached by email at