Other Services

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Trimming


Your landscape is a valuable asset to your property. Proper planting, planning and trimming will prolong the life of this investment and keep your home looking beautiful for many years. Too many times we are invited to work on landscapes that have had years of improper trimming. Other times, poor choices of planting location were made and there is only so much that can be done. When young plants are trimmed correctly, most can be maintained at a more manageable size, keeping the trimming job to a minimum and keeping costs down in the long run. Shearing bushes promotes dense outer growth that does not allow light into the inner portion of the plant and therefore little new growth will emerge from within. Arbor Valley promotes a more natural look and trimming method that does let light in which is the secret to keeping your bushes small and manageable for many years. Many types of ornamental trees can be trimmed in a similar manner, keeping them within manageable limits too.

Tree Cabling


Sometimes trees grow with co-dominant stems and are in danger of splitting apart. In some of these situations, it can be beneficial to install a cable between the two stems to help prevent them from splitting apart. It is important to note, however that the time to do this is before there is a failure of one of the stems (before it splits apart). Although a cable can be installed after the stems split apart, by that time it is too late to keep the tree in good health as it will not heal from this and will eventually cause more problems. Cabling is not a fix-all as the growth form of some trees is such that no amount of cabling will keep the tree together. Cables should be inspected and replaced periodically.


Wood Chips


Arbor Valley Tree Service has wood chips available. Call or email for current availability