Storm Damage

Storm Damage

storm damage

Damage as a result of an ice storm in Ann Arbor, Mi

In Washtenaw County, you never know what kind of weather is around the corner. Tree wind damage is very common to the area. The occasional ice storm can also wreck havoc on your trees, shrubs, and other valuable property. The experts at Arbor Valley Tree Service have years of experience with trees that have been damaged in storms. Often trees are in precarious situations that should not be handled by inexperienced workers, many times the hidden dangers are not apparent to the average person. Arbor Valley will assess the situation and inform you if the utility company should be involved. We will use all means available to reduce further damage to your trees and property. Some times when weather strikes, it can call for emergency work. We provide these services in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Country as well as the surrounding area.  For this service, please contact us today by phone at 734-662-8245 or through our e-mail contact page

Emergency Work

When the unexpected happens, call Arbor Valley Tree Service. We make tree emergencies our highest priority. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with a quote and discuss it with your insurance company if necessary. With a crane and two spider lifts in our fleet, we are able to safely perform many jobs other companies can’t handle. If you feel you are having a tree related emergency, please call us right away at 734-662-8245.