Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming will help your trees live longer and promote healthier growth. Arbor Valley uses recommended tree trimming practices wherever possible to allow natural growth to heal the wounds and reduce pest intrusion and decay. Utilizing our fleet of unique equipment, including our crane, we are able to perform tree trimming more efficiently then our competitors.

Oak Trees should be trimmed between November and April to reduce the possibility of infection by oak wilt pathogens.

Most Flowering trees set their buds the year before they bloom. Therefore, they should be trimmed within 3 weeks after they bloom to avoid removing the newly formed flower buds.

Stubs should be avoided whenever possible. Not only are they unsightly but they will usually die or have weak regrowth shoots.

Trees that are too large for their location require special attention. Many times clients ask to have their trees drastically trimmed to reduce their size by half to two thirds. This practice, often called “topping” has been in use for years but results in disfigured trees, excessive dieback, decay and often death of the tree. Arbor Valley does not promote this type of trimming. Instead, it may be possible to reduce the crown by approximately 20% or it may be a more desirable to simply remove the tree and replace it with something more suitable for the location.

We provide these services in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County as well as the surrounding area.  To learn more or request this service, please contact us today by phone at 734-662-8245 or through our e-mail contact page. You can also fill out a request for a quote.