Ann Arbor Arborist and Tree Care Provider

Arbor Valley is a fully insured tree service and has been in business in Ann Arbor since 1981. We have provided specialized residential and commercial tree care services since 1987. Arbor Valley Tree Service has evolved from a small company with limited resources to one of the leading tree service firms in southeast Michigan. We have several highly qualified tree trimmers on staff with a combined total of over 80 year’s experience. Our training and equipment is the most current and state of the art so we can perform our job for you in the most efficient manner possible. Arbor Valley is dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship for your tree trimming and tree removal project. Our trained personnel will use the greatest care to protect one of your greatest assets, your home.

Services we provide:

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Property protection from Arbor Valley
We use specially designed plastic matting to bring our equipment onto your property whenever necessary, in order to reduce the possibility of leaving tracks or ruts on your lawn. Our crews will use greatest care to do our job without causing unnecessary damage to your property. All jobs do carry with them a certain aspect of risk. When necessary, we will inform you of risks that may be related to your job. In the unlikely event that there is unexpected damage to your property, we will work with you to assure that your satisfaction is met before we consider our job done.